Nursery School

 The nursery is an integral part of primary school. It represents a milestone in the pupil’s gradual acquisition of knowledge and skills at the basic level.
The ultimate aim of the three years’ nursery program, consisting of three sections (lower, medium and higher ) is to help each pupil become independent and acquire the knowledge and skills required for success in elementary school. It is the first learning cycle, with the higher section being a hinge, as it is also the first year of Cycle 2 or basic learning cycle.
The Nursery School program, without time constraints, introduces six major areas of activities taken on board over the three years. It sets the objectives and determines the competences to be acquired before the transition to elementary school, taking into account the pace and stages of a child’s development.

– Appropriating language is the first of these areas with the main objective being the acquisition of a rich vocabulary and oral expression that is organized and comprehensible.

– At the kindergarten, the child establishes relationships with other children and adults while developing his/her motor – sensory, emotional, relational and cognitive skills, as the child gradually becomes a pupil or learner.

– He/she discovers the world of the written word.

– The proposed activities must provide multiple opportunities for the experience of sensory perception and the building of motor skills ; the child acts and speaks with his/her body.

– The school fosters a desire for learning and provides children with plenty of opportunities to diversify their experiences and enrich their understanding of the world.

– It allows everyone to perceive, feel, imagine and create.

The school plan is to bridge the gap and ensure the necessary continuity between nursery and elementary school. The focus of the educational plan devised by The French School of Thessaloniki revolves around the axis of two cultures and three languages, thus entailing a local and European cultural journey and training of citizens, participating in the Institution’s reputation for excellence.

The pupils in our care benefit from the quality of teaching offered by the French Nursery School, which through immersion programs, starting at the age of three, there is a natural progression with the Greek language, being the tongue of the host country; and, later at a higher stage, they go on to discover yet a third language, English. Therefore, our pupils are daily immersed in an ambiance of two cultures and three languages . Cultural diversity is valued as it contributes greatly to the richness of their exchanges and social development, while equal importance is also given to the constant monitoring of our pupils’ work and progress, with particular attention given to their needs so as to lead everyone to success, not just in their schooling, but in their lives as future citizens as well.